Cuba-US relations: “sense of reality”, whose? What for? What spokespersons say “analysts”

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On July 23 last, Contrainjerencia ( reproduced an article that the Cuban diplomat and head of the Cuba Interests Section in Washington, Jorge Bolaños, wrote to La Jornada of Mexico. Nothing particular. Except for a while now, both government spokespersons Cuba as “analysts” are struggling to find “arguments” to justify or explain the last government’s attitude regarding its Island US pair.

Trying to put together a case that actually relying on value judgments or statements of intent, it produces a kind of language, on paper or in speeches, full of ambiguities and contradictions that is unavoidable comment.

For Bolaños, restoring Cuba-US relations, “sense of reality”. Their “arguments” and my observations are:

  1. “Never has a country been so isolated from the international community and the United States on the issue of the blockade.” Isolated Is America? Please. Take a statement institution since the end of World War II guarantees the Zionist hegemony of the American empire, it is simply to ignore history. USA has ignored the statements of its colonies grouped at the UN and has even banned, or just made fun of the decisions of the Security Council.

The UN will continue to be functional to their interests. Guantanamo and continue the blockade, are compelling realities of the domain that the US exercised over Cuba. That is one of its military bases and not just one of its centers of torture and imprisonment. That’s the reality. No matter how many statements more out of this cave that brings together the governors of the world under the leadership of the devil himself, as symbolically referring to US President Hugo Chavez.

  1. 2. “Now Cuba and the US, to trade and invest.” What will invest US Cuba? And even could, if allowed, what would be the impact or change that this would result in that country? Conversely, US investments in Cuba will dust the conquests of the Revolution. Not only economically, but politically and ideologically. Intending to deny the close correspondence between these three dimensions of a social structure it is placed at the end of revisionism.
  1. Bolaños recalls that in 1963, a reporter asked the US Secretary of State Dean Rusk why America traded with the Soviet Union and Cuba did not do it; Rusk replied “… because the USSR is a permanent government and Castro’s Cuba is a temporary issue.”

Fifty-two years have passed since then and the “sense of reality” has not lost USA. This actually realize the strategic position that Cuba has for that country. Not only to ensure its hegemony in the Caribbean, but in Central and South America.

Even before Chavez, Lula, Kirchner, Correa, Morales; and construction of a commercial and economic, but also political integration institutions such as Alba, MERCOSUR, UNASUR, CELAC (despite the Judas of the Pacific Alliance, Caricom, Mercosur itself), Cuba was indeed ” temporal a matter “. But the time has come to end its temporality, carrying all the integration institutions, change efforts in the region, and killing their leaders.

This is already underway. It began after the assassination of President Chavez and is becoming more aggressive in the context of the resumption of Cuba-US relations.

I mean what is happening between Venezuela and the Cooperative Republic of Guyana for the possession of the Guyana Essequibo which belongs to Venezuela. Problem generated by the Anglo-American duo, using the puppet shift in Guyana, David Granger. It is not just a border problem. Compromises the integrity of the territory of Venezuela in the Orinoco, where lie the largest energy reserves in the world; and reaches, in its implications, the entire Caribbean, including Cuba, and throughout Latin America.

But it is not only in Venezuela where the empire has decided to strengthen its destabilizing action through the so-called “Soft Shock”. In Ecuador, institutions for sedition and terror of the US, NGOs and funding mercenaries from around the world come instrumentalizing and decadent conservative right in its claims to stop the advance of the “citizens’ revolution”. After terrorist attacks, they have announced an indefinite strike. His goal, to take power by the insurgency as dictated by the Manual of “nonviolent struggle” of the Centre for Nonviolent Action and Applied (CANVAS) published in Belgrade, Serbia, 2006 and now circulating in Ecuador through Strategy social networks and in written form. Like the “Guide to overthrow a government in five steps,” written by Harvard Gene Sharp, the putative father of the so-called “Soft Shock”. All with financing institutions for sedition and terror, USAID and the US Congress. (See my essay about: Venezuela: Soft Strike February 2014?)

Also in Bolivia, the cultural revolution of President Morales faces the coup of pseudo Civic Committee Potosina (Comcipo).

In Argentina, where Zionism, with its millions of dollars, strengthens the seditious action NGOs, decadent press, the “new leaders” (Pablo Iglesias or type Tsipras and his “coalition”), to end the kirchernismo .

Zionist US power elites (not Obama is just their puppet) believe that we must return to make functional the “backyard” to the interests of “Manifest Destiny”.

Turning to investments: Mr. Bolaños, as former Ambassador and representative of the business of Cuba in Washington to better understand the meaning and scope of the global Zionist strategy of imperial domination in the XXI Century has to confront Russia USA and China in the Caribbean and Latin America. Part of that strategy is the one that has to do with foreign investment already installed and to be installed in our countries, including Cuba under the new framework that facilitates the resumption of relations “diplomatic”.

Supported by new forms of usurpation of rich energy resources and mining territories, but also aquifers, forest and sea, among others, that “new” strategy has been expressed in the secret agreement subscribing 50 states of the world, between victims and perpetrators, called Trade in Services Agreement (TISA), recently released by Wikileaks.

The elites of the economic-financial and commercial power have created this framework to ensure its investments through Public-Private Partnerships calls, in which the private to the public is engulfed. These partnerships do not come alone. Induces, implements and ensures the evil trilogy BM-IDB-USAID with their respective groups of “banks” under the command of the IMF. “Understood economists” and other “analysts” have expressed the desire that Cuba open arms to these understood.

As I said the other weighted “analyst” Peter Kornblu, in his statements to La Jornada, on 20 July, what comes is “prove to Cuba that we were wrong in the past” … “The Obama He has made it clear and said that we’re not in the business of regime change. But he also said that we have goals to help Cuba evolve into a different society, and we will no longer use the previous tactics, we will have a different relationship framework for regime change by other means “. ¿Tautology? No way!

“Indeed, (adds Kornblu, you just visited Cuba), we have this same position with most of those countries with whom we have relationships and have systems with which we disagree …”. He was referring, no doubt, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, the Balkan countries of the former Soviet Union. To all these, “the same position” that the US now has with Cuba, turned them into “failed states”, condemned to endure the terror of what is called “hybrid war” or war for extermination.

That “same position” that the US is now trying to Iran. Although here the “sense of reality” warns that after more than three decades of sanctions and blockade, they are crumbling alone for the changes following the strategic alliance between Iran and Russia and China and the multipolarity that is generated with the presence of the BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organization. True that Cuba is not Iran. But, it seems that Cuba’s current leaders have lost the new “sense of reality” that involves multipolarity. Will the distance? I doubt it. The island has economic and cultural agreements with China and Russia. What, then, his “sense of reality”?

(For information: Peter Kornblu is “analyst” and director of the project on Cuba’s National Security Archive US institution that integrates the dark US intelligence was interviewed for La Jornada, the once daily progressive Mexico, for her.. US correspondent, David Brooks, spokesman and propagandist of the conservative right wing in this country).

  1. “Americans to travel to Cuba without restrictions, as do the Cubans to the United States” is another argument of Mr. Bolaños, in an effort to justify the reinstatement of the Cuban embassy (in Washington) and US (in Havana) on 20 July.

What he really is saying is that if before agents USAID, NED, IRI, Freedom House, and NGOs serving sedition and terror and his mercenaries, came to Cuba, despite its services intelligence, now they will “without restriction”. Not the same a Cuban who travels to the US with the nostalgia of the Cuba of Batista and reaffirm their “belief” about freedom and equal opportunities in the country of Donald Duck, an American who comes to Cuba to “sightseeing “and return home realize everything I saw, did, infiltrated, co-opted, distorted, manipulated, undermined, discredited, lied, alienated and alienated.

  1. “The restoration (of relations) is a recognition of the error and also a recognition of the Cuban revolutionary state and its chaired by President Raul Castro government, but, sometimes, but usually comes after the truth, we can not forget that According to official statements by the president and officials of the US government, which changes with respect to Cuba it is the tactic, but the strategy continues. “

US has not recognized anything, Mr. Bolaños. You say the same thing Kornblu, but without realizing what it says. America is using its old, but revamped tactics to crush the enemy to deal a blow to end his time of struggle, sovereignty and dignity. For “regime change by other means”. How serious are the irreversible consequences that this rigged for all of Latin America that begins to breathe the air of freedom. A tactic that has not ceased to be economic, political, ideological and military. That has been renovated by civilian and military elites Zionist imperial strategists power to grant the Southern Command and the Fourth Fleet, its absolute control. Guantánamo is one of its bases. And it does not depend on what Obama says or promises about it, but what those elites decide according to their functionality and convenience.

I think Cuba is the wrong path to Fidel and Chavez traced to Latin America and the Caribbean, a sub-continent of peace. I think this was based on a “sense of reality” that has nothing to do with yield to imperialism. Build the Great Homeland is to reach historical maturity that we can be ourselves. We have the natural, human, social, cultural resources. We started building an alternative institutional framework to the OAS, the FTAA, and some of our people put in place the IMF, the World Bank, IDB. They expelled USAID and US embassies closed. Fundamental to begin to free issue. Paradoxically, who they found the path of liberation, before others, and showed them the road map to follow, avoiding new alternatives to the guerrilla struggle, which today are exculpate the current “president” US and raise “thank God”. Perhaps this proves how little we have advanced in their minds, and that explains why the generations of today, announce what will be the morning after, “thanks to Pope Francisco” Cuba has returned to the fold.


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